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where to buy AL-LAD Blotters online and its effects.

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Unlike many other drugs, AL-LAD has been in use of human being for many decades. It is also considered as an analog of LSD. However, it has been found to be less intense as compared to LSD. When takes a common dose, its effect on the brain is quite normal.

What are the good effects of AL-LAD?

Some of the main positive effects are:

1.    It increases the stimulation in the body

2.    Euphoria is another benefit of AL-LAD. In Euphoria, a person feels an extreme level of happiness and excitement. A person gets the maximum level of relaxation

3.    Thinking ability and ability to enjoy the music also enhances the use of AL-LAD.

4.    Many people also use AL-LAD for increasing their creativity. They think that when they take this drug, their mind works more quickly

What are the possible side effects of AL-LAD?

AL-LAD also comes with some side effects just like any other drug. The main side effects are:

1.    It increases the heart rate which in turn becomes the cause of high blood pressure.

2.    The person using AL-LAD also feels anxiety if he continues using this drug for an extended period of time

3.    The tension in muscles and some digestive disorders such as nausea are some of the common side effects that can be seen in people using AL-LAD.

4.    AL-LAD often interferes and comes between the mind and the environment. The perception of a person about the environment gets changed completely. He can see the change in colors, changing patterns and some other problems.

5.    As a patient of AL-LAD becomes easy to be pushed to a work of fantasy, his mental state becomes unreliable and insecure.

6.    It becomes difficult for a person using AL-LAD to have a control over his mental state as he is totally under the control of AL-LAD

Although AL-LAD has been considered as less harmful as compared to other dissociative medicines, you can still feel a little distortion between your mind and body. Due to its effects on human body, it can also be compared with LSD. Some researchers are also referring to it as recreational psychedelic.

What is an appropriate dose of AL-LAD?

The exact dose needed to see the effects of AL-LAD are not known as it may vary from person to person. Some people see major effects by taking 100 to 150 micrograms of AL-LAD. While some have to take more dose to feel its effects. It should be kept in mind that the high dose of AL-LAD can cause visual impairment.

How to use AL-LAD?

If you are a beginner and you want to use AL-LAD, you should start with a low dose of AL-LAD. You may not be able to see effects of this drug on your body with this dose. Jumping to the higher dose instantly can be harmful to your health.

 It is therefore recommended that you gradually increase the dose of AL-LAD. With a normal dose, you should feel its effects for 6 to 9 hours.

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