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Common MDPHP Effects:

Keep in mind that designers drugs are chemical substances that we know very little about, but since they contain elements recommended by the FDA, they are termed safe. Some common effects of MDPHP on the human body are given as follows:

·       Your body may go into a state of euphoria with enormous nervous stimulation that lasts throughout the duration of the drug.

·       Your sexual excitement will surface, increasing your libido and helping you perform/enjoy better.

·       Your mood will be better, and the feeling of euphoria will aid brain muscles to relax.

·       You might suffer from acute paranoia or anxiety, especially if you intake a large dose.

·       Your mouth might become dry.

·       Your muscles might become tense and put you in a state of restlessness

·       Uncomfortable stimulation can also happen


·       Light Dosage amounts to about five to 10 milligrams

·       Common Dosage amounts to about ten to 20 milligrams

·       Strong Dosage is above 20 milligrams


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